Fitness experts agree: DIET, EXERCISE, POSITIVE ATTITUDE – go a long way towards helping you achieve your ideal body weight.


Eating healthy will make you feel better.

Eating healthy will make you feel better. Saturated fats and empty calories have become such a significant part of the average household’s diet that getting started on the path to healthy eating requires a major revamp in several ways:

  • Psychologically
  • Emotionally
  • Physically

The trouble with a faulty diet, aside from the excess pounds, is that it wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels-causing energy to spike and dip rather erratically throughout the day. This, in turn, promotes more unhealthy snacking and bingeing, and the vicious cycle starts all over again.

Are you sick of being tired and felling bad about the way your body looks? Then you’d better follow these tips on how to eat with weight loss in mind:

Tip #1

Know what damage your mouth is causing you. Did you know that, unless you keep your calories down, you can exercise like mad and never lose weight? That’s because it takes far too long to burn excessive calories from high-fat foods. For instance, to burn off all the calories you ingested from thoughtlessly scarfing down that Kristy Kreme glaze, you will have to jog continuously at a good pace for more than an hour. That can of Dr. Pepper? Two hours on the stationary bike. Resolve to banish food items like these from your diet except for those rare occasions when you let yourself enjoy a treat.


Tip #2

Out of sight, out of mind. It really is that much more difficult to resist eating a bag of potato chips if it’s only an arm’s reach away from your desk. By the same principle, you are less likely to reach for a nutritious snack of fruits wash it and slice it when you are busy and in a hurry. Empty your cupboards of the bad stuff and fill then with food that is handy, filling, and good for you. The book “Eat this, not that”, is full of calorie-cutting substitutions which can help you eat more wisely without sacrificing taste.


Tip #3

Portion control is the name of the game. You could eat nothing but healthy food and still fail to lose weight if you don’t learn to control your portions. You can also indulge in not-so-good food items and lose weight as long as you do so in moderation. Many of us have bought into the Supersize culture; no wonder so many of us are overweight. Eat enough for one PERIOD.


Tip #4

Don’t let yourself go too hungry. Food tastes much better when you are famished, and you end up eating so much more than you should. Keep yourself on a fairly consistent schedule for meals so that your blood sugar never dips dangerously low. Provided you plan your total calories count well, you should have three meals and two snacks in a 24-hour period.


Watch this video:

Three Healthy Meals

Eat Healthy on a Low Budget

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